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♥This is a fanfiction journal
♥There are no locked entries in this journal!
♥ Taglist (though not very well organised): HERE!
♥Masterpost below!

Title | Rating | Pairing
The 10 Songs Meme | PG-13 | Various Pairings
Wake me up at 2am. | PG-13 | Jun x Sho

Irreversible | PG-13 | Jun x Sho
Change of Minds | R | Arashi x Sho (Hinted yama)
Jealousy | PG-13 | Aiba x Sho, Nino x Sho
Follower | PG-13 | Aiba x Sho, Nino x Sho
Regrets | PG-13 | Aiba x Sho, Nino x Sho
A drive home | PG-13 | Jun x Sho
your love so gentle | PG-13 | Jun x Sho
Inestimable | NC-17 | Aiba x Sho

Letters | PG-13 | Ohno x Nino
The Mansion, Room One: The Rod's Room | NC-17 | Nino x Sho
Three time Jun tells Sho he loves him and one time Sho says it back | PG-13 | Jun x Sho
Save me, but not for yourself. | NC-17 | Jun x Sho
Escaping into your arms. | PG-13 | Jun x Sho
My safe haven | PG-13 | Jun x Sho
Special | PG-13 | Aiba x Sho (Saburou x Jirou)
My Boss, My Lover: because work can wait | NC-17 | Nino x Sho
My Boss, My Lover: I'll take care of you | NC-17 | Nino x Sho
The rainbow after a storm | PG-13 | Aiba x Sho
you bring my love to a whole new level | R | Nino x Sho

*Ohno x Sho: 0 gasp
Aiba x Sho: 6
Nino x Sho :7
Jun x Sho: 7
Ohno x Nino: 1

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hello! I saw a post/fic posted in Arashirabu community called The Most Familiar Stranger. When I tried clicking the link it said that Access is denied. then I went to your journal to look if you had it in your masterpost and maybe ask to be your friend so I could read it. But unfortunately you didn't have it in your masterpost. I really wanted to read that story as the summary is good esp since the pairing is Ohmiya. Do I have to add you as a friend so I can access it or maybe do something? if so please tell me. thank you very much!

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